Sunday, May 20, 2007

In the name of Jesus - UPDATED

I know this person most likely does not represent the mainstream of Christian thought in America today, but it is important to show what is being said in Jesus' name:

This is posted here (NSFW, really), and I don't know what newspaper it is from or if it is even real. On the off chance that someone actually wrote this (I hope it's fake), it is chilling. Aside from some factually-questionable assertions, the idea that the First Amendment somehow mandates religious belief of some sort is, well, baffling. That's really all I think needs to be said here.

Like I said, I hope this thing is fake.

UPDATE - Thanks to Google and a little more free time, I confirmed that the clipping is for real, originally published in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Clarion (it has made its way around as a scanned clipping because the newspaper's website requires registration. I took one for the team and did so.) Comments can be found here, here, and here.