Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Please sell crazy elsewhere

There are so many historical and geographic problems with this video, but I will just let it speak for itself (h/t to Jesus' General).

I'll just mention two glaring problems: (1) to make the map look like a "beast," they had to add land on the Egyptian coast where none actually exists; and (2) somehow the great "Islamic empire" that the creators of this video claim will rule over the Middle East and Europe does not include Saudi Arabia (and therefore Mecca and Medina). I guess issue #1 is the more intractable of the two (I think there's a pun in there somewhere...)

Anyway, the fact that people might honestly want to base U.S. foreign policy on a map featuring made-up land is both mind-boggling and terrifying to me. I hope these folks will quickly retreat to their mountain strongholds, so we won't have to worry about them.

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Todd Stadler said...

Much as I agree this is all kinds of goofy, I don't get your point about Egypt. The video's imaginary country includes the northern part of Egypt (and the northeastern part of Libya), but I didn't see any evidence of them simply inventing land. Or are you accusing them of filling in the Gulf of Suez? I mean, even if their "beast" outline had that little notch cut out if its leg, the Sinai Peninsula would still give it the same general shape.

I think the better argument is that they've clearly cherry-picked their borders. Afghanistan is in, but Pakistan is out? Turkey (by far the least sharia-tastic population, currently) is in, but the UAE is out? (And why not add in the UAE -- it would give the "beast" a nice little package, no?)

And by what logic do they only take the coastal areas of Egypt and (some of) Libya? If you can slice up countries like that, why not cut up Afghanistan to give your "beast" a much more convincing "tail"? My guess is that the video guy assumed that people only really live along the coast, anyhow, and so ignored the rest of the countries. But it's not so. Most Egyptians live along the Nile, not the coast.